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A documentation of David Order's illustrations from street to studio:

Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, is Canadian illustrator David 'Order1' Wong. Order1 uses illustrated posters and decals as his form of communication. His illustrations centre upon Judeo-Christian theology, children's books, medieval crest structures, & Letraset© typography.

When he was a child, Order1's initial encounter with street mediums came in the form of political slogans spray painted all over his East Vancouver neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the paintings and politics catching his attention in his youth had to put but on hold due to an interest in b-boy dancing, high school & college life.

While attending college in the beginning of the 1990s, deeper knowledge of hip-hop culture, political activism and it's social significance was brought to light by other influential hip-hop activists.

In 2001, as graffiti art continued on, Order1 opened up to other sub-cultural mediums, like the political poster. Dedicating himself to the illustrated poster and outdoor paste up mediums, his colorfully drawn pieces deal with a kaleidoscope of subject matter ranging from the laws of nature, Messianic Judaism, strange behavior & humor, human moods, community life of all economic classes, to injustices and roots of inequality.

When approaching his poster, drawing mood can sometimes span from cool to cold calculating, to dispatching sketches much like a hip-hop MC's freestyle. Collectively, the illustrations and its colors flow beautifully within the prints like a cathedral's stained glass or confetti fluttering from the atmosphere. Quotes become sound samples enveloping his figures like a hip-hop DJ scratching a phrase from a record, bringing life to the drawing and open interpretation to the viewer. Always open to life's endless possibilities, Order1 extends his dimensions on a continual basis with innocence, good judgment, & and other new manifestations & challenges.

Order1's view on life is generally overstand any and all that exists in our world. By documenting life with eyes of child-like innocence and connecting the metaphysical with the physical, Order1 hopes to bring a new understanding of the wonders and social ills of our planet.

*Bio updated 01/2012

David Order
I have contributed to the Vancouver hip-hop & sub-cultural scene as a b-boy and visual artist for over a decade and will always be looking out for new challenges. Hopefully I can continue to share these experiences with you through my works. If not tuned out mouse clicking on my notebook, I'm out cycling or working on my six-step & chair freeze.

Shaolin SHALOM,

David Order